Does cellucor c4 help you lose weight

However, it does contain caffeine, which is clinically tested and may help suppress appetite. Take it from an endomorph cellucoe built to be skinny fat Reply Jack, no offense young man, that is one of the silliest comments I ever heard. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? There are many clinical studies indicating that this ingredient promotes thermogenesis or the burning of body fat. At DietSpotlight, we prefer to see some solid clinical research that supports the diet product and its weight-loss claims. Disclosure Disclosure Policy Recent Comments Gail on Does the Gotham Steel Pan Really Work?

We are NOT your average review site. This product has been reported as discontinued and replaced with C4 Gen4. Back to C4 Extreme Reviews and Product Information. Show all questions Posted June 9, Anyone still care to answer this 2 day old question? Because this product gives you energy, it can lead to weight loss. If weight loss is you true goal, I would does cellucor c4 help you lose weight Alphamine.

And dont worry about the water retention. And on a side note, working out everyday seems like a good idea, but you need off days. Working balls out every day is taxing to your system and would be beneficial to give it a day away from the torture we put our bodies through in the gym. Is it a weight does cellucor c4 help you lose weight product?

I CAN help you lose weight IF you workout as such, and eat right. I ran 2 cans Costco twin pack last year, and felt a noticeable strength increase. I did build up a tolerance to it, was at 2. As for pre's, I noticed miracle weight loss pills better leaning effect from Jack3d Advanced. PWOs such as C4 can help you lose weight since it will provide the drive, pumps, and energy needed to train more intensely.

The key to achieving most goals is to gradually and safely increase the intensity of your workout regimen and ensure your diet is efficient with proper amounts of all does cellucor c4 help you lose weight daily micros and macros. C4 is a solid PWO, but understand that it is not specifically geared at burning fat. It obviously will not hinder your progression, but if fat loss is your prime objective look into other PWOs specially formulated at fat loss and recomposition such as Alphamine as Loco suggested or finaflex 's stimul8 induces thermogenesis.

Also, PWOs can be taken prior to both cardio and resistance training days. Oops meant to say "it" can help. Jack3d MICRO had a leaning effect on me not advanced! Jeez I'm having issues today. Maybe I'll just start over. C4 is not going to help you lose weight. This product won't directly help you build muscle either; but indirectly though hard work and a good consistent lifting regime you can push yourself harder in the gym as a result of this product to help get better results.

I personally would take this on your workout days, preworkouts during cardio days make me feel weird. IMO I don't like to take them unless I am lifting. There is creatine in this product yes; but this should not add any real significant water weight to your system. When people are on creatine you are supposed to drink more water and as a result people retain more water. When they come off of creatine their average intake of water does cellucor c4 help you lose weight back to what it was prior; clearly causing that person to lose some water weight.

People usually attribute this to the creatine but in actuality its a result of just greater water intake. Sure the creatine will make you retain a little bit more water, but it should not be a significant amount to where aesthetically it is affecting your body composition. Is it good to take c4 besore i do alot of cardio? Can I take C4 or pre-workout supplments on an empty stomach? Can I take this with whey first thing in does cellucor c4 help you lose weight morning.

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Weight Loss ; Testosterone; Apparel. For Men. Hats, Focused effort will help you get there. © Copyright Cellucor. All rights reserved. Terms of Use;. Cellucor C4 Extreme. Weight loss?/ Creatine product?? June 7, PWOs such as C4 can help you lose weight since it will provide the drive. [ Cellucor C4 Extreme ] C4 is a preworkout and it could assist a little in fat it contains a diuretic that will help you to lose water weight and it is a great.

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