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Fenshui was invited to write this review by Exante Diet. Most, if not all, require the dieter to reduce their calorie intake significantly, usually to around kcal a day. I found that they were all either too sweet or too salty but they did look ok and were easy to make. Get the latest offers and news direct to your inbox. Many thanks and have exante diet plan reviews wonderful day, Josh - Feedback team.

Most, if not all, require the dieter to reduce their calorie intake significantly, usually to around kcal a day. Bear it in mind. Hannah, the lovely lady I was in contact with, sent me out a selection of products. I made it in two ways: I made it with my shaker Tony Ferguson brand but I doubt that matters. Making it with my shaker meant there were lumps left in the mixture, while making it with my blender meant that the shake was smooooooooooth and kinda frothy.

I expected chalky and gritty and overly-sweet. Instead, what I got was very cocoa-y and almost dark-chocolate-y, I think? Like a cold hot-chocolate drink. It was really pleasant. The spaghetti bolognese had a really nice flavour. The flavour was lovely. The really unfortunate thing about that is I think I might be allergic to the flavour of Ready Brek. This is supposed to exante diet plan reviews really thick, I think?

It stayed mostly thin, with some little lumps in it. Other people might like it, and be able to get it to work correctly, but this was absolutely not for me. Microwave for a minute with some stirring in between. Microwave for another minute, stir, let sit. The soup came out in a weird… almost mousse-y texture. When I exante diet plan reviews another pack in my shaker another night, it turned out the same way.

Mushroom: by far my favourite soup. Almost creamy, very mushroom-y. The texture was still the same kind of mousse-y, but again the flavour made it more bearable. Thai Chicken Soup : okay, I have to admit something. This one smelled a lot better than it tasted, exante diet plan reviews it really disappointed me. Which is a stupid thing to write in a review, haha. It tasted SORT OF like curry Super Noodles. Texture, still the same, alas.

Both have excellent flavours actual chocolate chips on a exante diet plan reviews low calorie diet?! Get out of town! My Psychologist is working on a game plan this week! But I really was shocked by how little I was exante diet plan reviews after day one. It never happened for me. I bought ketone strips for when I was planning to do Atkins still a choice but ugh no fruit : so it was good to have them on hand.

I tested myself on Tuesday morning when I weighed in, and I tested myself on Friday night, and there was no change. The strip was exactly the same colour. Obviously, after Saturday, it would have taken days again to get my body into ketosis, and with all the setbacks, I finished on Sunday night instead of Monday night. How does one gain 2. Well, despite my personal snags and my own weird tastes interrupting the process, I exante diet plan reviews actually strangely happy with the trial.

It certainly worked as advertised: that is to say, I lost a lot of weight. Maybe the strength of my microwave was to blame. Maybe I overheated things without realising it? There are really good deals on bulk buys, such as boxes of 50 sachets or 50 bars, or 4-week bumper packs as exante diet plan reviews time of writing. In the interests of full disclosure: I have received no monetary compensation for this review.

I was provided with enough product to last me one week, picked for me. I did not get to choose. I was not asked, nor expected, to give a positive review, but an honest and unbiased one. As of Julythis page now contains outbound affiliate links to exante diet plan reviews Exante Diet website. If you would like me to review your product, please contact me fatso fatgirlslim. Maybe that is what happened to you?

The reason I chose exante apart from the Groupon offer was because of the low carb and good chance of ketosis. I just want to keep my carbs low, not faff around with food prep and eat one good meal in the evening with hubby. Maybe cal… Slow but sure. Thanks Tracy that was helpful. I did exante last week and lost 6lbs, this week i foolishly added some green veg and only lost 2 I am gutted. I am so disappointed but I will skip the veg and see what happens next week.

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Diet Plans. Total Solution; About Exante Diet ; Customer Reviews ; Customer Reviews. How To Fix exante diet plan reviews In The Simplest Way? [Online], exante diet plan reviews exante diet plan reviews solution of the problem. Exante Diet Plan Review. Jan. 06th. Mums' Days Have you tried the Exante Diet Plan before? We’d love to hear what you think!.

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