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The program was designed in part by Wports Greene, author of the Best Life Diet. Give yourself a more strenuous workout by incorporating the resistance bands losa with the EA Sports Active, perfect for doing ea sports active 2 weight loss results curls or shoulder presses. I did the 9 week challenge and it has 3 phases, which gets a little harder in each phase. Fitness really is the focus of the EA Sports Active. I am waiting for Fall to start the new challenge again. Getting plenty of fiber. For instance how much weight you lost and how much more fit do you look.

I really like active 2 for wii. There are three levels: easy, medium, hard. This is great for a beginner all the way to an athlete. The "game" is easy to follow and understand. The exercises are all within reason to complete. The one thing that I don't like is that there is too much of a "break" in-between exercises which allows the heart rate to drop. It is a great workout and only takes about 20 minutes to complete. I've only had the game for a couple of days but I spent quite a bit of time playing with it and I also have the Active 1 game.

I am a little disappointed that of the 3 versions of this game Wii, PS3, and XBOX the Wii version is the only one that isn't completely hands free because there are times you must hold on to the Wii remote. In fact when I saw the packaging with the picture on the box ea sports active 2 weight loss results the woman doing arm exercises still holding on to the remote I was a little mad because that was one of my biggest gripes with Active 1.

However it's not that bad and I'll explain further Here are the best improvements to the game from Active The leg strap - the Active 1 leg strap is awful and breaks after a short time using it. Plus you are constantly fat burn option on treadmill it as it continues to slip down your leg. However with Active 2 all of the straps are an elastic fabric with loop on one side and rubber gel lines on the back to grip.

I did a very hard workout last night involving lots of sprinting and I didn't have to adjust the leg strap or any of the straps once. They stayed in place and because it isn't lycra covered neoprene I think it will last a long time Hands Free Exercises - I'm not sure if all the arm exercises are hands free but all the ones I tried were in fact hands ea sports active 2 weight loss results where you do not have to hold the Wii remote. This is fantastic because with Active 1 I couldn't use a resistance band with nice foam grips and the nylon handles that it came with hurt my hands.

Now I don't have this problem. Plus now I can use hand weights when I want to. You may be wondering how it registers movement on the arm without a sensor but they changed the arm exercises slightly from Active 1. Now the arm exercises have you move both arms at the same time both arms do the tricep kickbacks, bicep curls, etc rather then one arm at a time and the game just assumes you are moving the arm without the sensor.

I also love that now you don't have to waste time putting the nunchuck in the leg strap and then taking it out for a different exercise as you do in Active 1. The game moves much better because you don't have to do those things anymore The Ea sports active 2 weight loss results Rate Monitor - I like the addition of the heart rate monitor. It is nice to see how hard you are working. Supposedly as you continue to workout it will track how well your hear rate recovers which would be cool to know.

I think it probably results in more accurate calorie calculation as well The game is MORE like a game - Active 1 is nice because it was like having a personal trainer at home. However you will work harder with Active 2 and have more fun. It has a mountainboarding exercise where you have to jump from one leading foot to the other and has points you can get on each side. You also have to squat and jump and then run up hills. In addition it has a Fitness Trail - Sprint Outrun exercise where you have to actually catch up to and outrun 6 runners on the trail.

The thing is that when the other runner sees you getting closer they start running harder so they are hard to pass. This got my heartrate up to bpm trying to pass the other runners. It definitely pushes you harder. I am disappointed that ea sports active 2 weight loss results motion sensors aren't sold at the release of the game because I would like to race my husband on some of these games and will be buying the extra sensors as soon as they become available.

I am also looking forawrd to finding someone I can workout with online The Wii Balance Board can be used to weigh yourself. However don't feel the need to get the Wii balance board if you don't have it because every exercise that uses the Wii balance board also has the same exercise which doesn't use the Wii balance board

EA SPORTS Active: More Workouts - Trailer - Wii

May 13,  · I have been playing it for about 3 weeks and I am already seeing serious results. I don't just mean in weight loss results from EA SA 2. EA Sports Active 2. EA Sports Active 2 EA Sports Active 2 by Electronic Arts Nintendo If you don't lose weight and get fit with this then it's because you eat. However, it has taught me that EA Sports Active alone cannot help you lose weight. The great thing that EA Sports Active results. Order EA Sports Active.

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